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timemy.comI’m thrilled to announce that our amazing on-line scheduling service called, launched this morning! Timemy helps professionals such as doctors, lawyers, dentists etc. by providing a fully integrated system to manage their scheduling, and billing. With Timemy your customers can access your availability whenever they need and select a time that works for them. It’s an easy way to keep your schedule an open book and attract new business—even when you’re closed.  Safety and security are built in, to give you peace of mind, so you can focus on what’s most important: your clients. The service is absolutely free to use for a period of 30 days for evaluation purposes. No credit card is required, no commitments! Try out the awesome features of the service at

alterbyte_netI have very exciting news to share with you today! Yesterday we launched our new hosting service called Alterbyte myNet! Our shared business hosting plans, offered through the service, target clients that are seeking very reliable domain hosting, at extremely competitive prices. Our fully managed business web hosting platform means that we are there to help if there are ever any issues with your hosting experience. We also offer very powerful VPS solutions at very low cost. Whether you are a developer or a big corporation, Alterbyte.Net offers choices that will cover all of your needs. In a couple of days we will also launch our new time schedule solution that is also optimised for mobile devices. This will give an opportunity to many professionals to manage their scheduling and billing and promote their services through innovative new marketing channels. Take care.

Season’s greetings and best wishes for a new year filled with warmth, peace, and cherished memories! May you have new hopes, aspirations, and resolutions for the coming year. Have a happy new year!

Dear friends, I have very exciting nvoreio sellasews! We are in the process of developing outstanding new products and technologies this year. These products will be extremely innovative and useful for companies and consumers. We will focus our efforts in three areas: Business software, consumer applications and internet based projects. In that context we are in the early development stage of two truly unique platforms for business clients: A dynamic news mobile platform for media corporations and specialised software for monument guided tours and travelling information. We are also in the development phase of a new internet based service for projects creation and management. We also plan to introduce a fantastic action game that will be released on the biggest game platforms (iOS, Android, XBox and PS). I will keep you informed on the development of these outstanding products!

Hello everybody! This is the first post in our new company site. I hope you like our new design. From this place you will learn about our activity, important news and our exciting platforms. Let’s keep in touch!